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Together We Can Work Smarter, Instead of Continuing to Work So Hard Separately


Let Advocate at Heart set to work on the legal question or issue of the day while you focus on your core business.  No matter the topic, it will be researched thoroughly and then summarized in plain language in an organized way that's easy to understand.

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Advocate at Heart can help you identify the type of corporate entity that makes the most sense for your goals and assist you with everything from incorporation, to by-laws, to articles of organization, and much more.

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With Advocate at Heart, you can develop the necessary non-disclosure agreements, master service agreements, policy documents, among many other contractual documents your organization has been putting off for so long or has been struggling with how to get started.



Advocate at Heart knows the language that is the alphabet soup of federal procurement and understands the protocol/chain-of-command culture that comes along with managing relationships with the military and government customer.  Let Advocate at Heart assist you with your RFPs (requests for proposal), SOWs (scopes of work), PIPs (performance improvement plans), FAR (federal acquisition regulation) compliance, QASPs (quality assurance surveillance plans), among many others.

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Advocate at Heart knows firsthand that planning for retirement is not enough when you are a caregiver planning for what will happen to my aging or disabled loved one once I am gone.  Let Advocate at Heart work lockstep with you as you identify a team of service professionals to create your plan, you ensure all legal, financial, medical, public benefits, employment, transportation, and independent living details are in place.  When you work with Advocate at Heart, you have access to its Resource Network of vetted professionals who are all experts in their respective fields.

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Whether you are seeking the rights available to you under the law or you have existing educational supports in place that need evaluation to ensure you are receiving the best of all available services, Advocate at Heart is experienced with special education advocacy at all levels (early childhood through college), all types (IEPs & 504 plans) and is ready to work together with you smarter so you don't have to continue to work so hard alone to achieve the strongest possible education plan to meet you unique needs.

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Whether you yourself are an aging adult or an adult with a disability or you are a caregiver caring for one, Advocate at Heart can assist you with the often-overlooked transition planning necessary to secure a solid, healthy future with as much individual independence as possible for the individual.  All legal, financial, medical, transportation, and housing considerations are covered and Advocate at Heart's Resource Network of vetted service providers are leveraged to create the most effective plans possible.

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